Improve Efficiency With Reliable Parts

Improve Efficiency With Reliable Parts

Get fittings for carbon steel pipes in Duson & Scott, LA

When you're installing any type of piping, make sure you have the proper pipe and pipe fittings. Acadiana Coatings & Supply, Inc in Duson & Scott, LA carries a large selection of carbon steel and stainless steel pipes and pipe fittings. Most of our pipe fittings are threaded to ensure a secure pipe connection.

Build a better piping system with reliable pipe fittings for carbon steel and stainless steel pipes. Visit us in Duson & Scott, LA today.

Creating stronger connections

Stainless steel and carbon steel pipes make for secure and reliable piping systems. But a piping system is only as strong as it's connections. Acadiana Coatings & Supply, Inc carries a variety of pipe fittings, including:

  • Galvanized fittings
  • Socket weld fittings
  • Buttweld fittings
  • Tube fittings
  • Malleable iron fittings
  • Grooved fittings

Stop by our supply store in Duson & Scott, LA to pick up pipe fittings for your stainless steel and carbon steel pipes.